Your own progression with technology. How has technology changed the way you learn and shaped your professional practice?

My professional learning & teaching practice has changed immensely over time with introduction & advances of technology. I tried to avoid it in the 80’s, it was so foreign to me but technology is everything. It changes and develops so fast that if your not proactive you will be left behind.

Professional Development in teaching now always involves technology. How we can enhance learning in the classroom with different apps or developing courses online.  Even doing a whole course, like our PLN course, being totally on line is amazing! With PD like this course my digital fluency is increasing all the time but I will never stop learning & building my skills.

In my professional practice I find the different information I can gather on line motivates me to produce & present interactive, dynamic & relevant lessons. I hope as a result the students learning & productivity increases. I just wish my teachers had the available teaching tools as teachers have now. Looking back, my classes were boring & I can’t recall any that had the ‘WOW” factor!

The other main change is that I can get help on school matters with all the social media. Put a question out there & people I have never met from all over the world could respond. You’re never alone.

Your feelings about the impact of technology on us as citizens.

Technology has had a huge impact on us as citizens. We are all addicted to technology. We have become so reliant on staying connected citizens are risking their lives driving on their phones! We get frustrated if our computer takes too long to load. Our politicians are using the speed of internet connections to win votes.

The ability to connect with others in the world, anywhere and anytime, has made the world smaller. Technology has allowed us to know what’s happening in the world as it happens.

Most people, mainly our youth, would rather forgo food than lose their phone! Gone are the days where we had 10 friends, these days some have 100s on FB. The more ‘likes’ the better status you have? Technology has given people a voice but at times it has allowed some people to hide behind their computers & ‘vent’ when in person they wouldn’t. Technology can change some peoples personalities compared to when they are face to face with people.

Overall technology has enabled us to do everything from where ever we are and when ever we want to – Shopping, travel, banking, booking tickets anything really, all on-line. If the system went down society would come to a screaming holt!

Your thoughts about the use of technology in learning and the role educators play in modeling the use of technology

I believe technology is a must in education, teaching our students. The best learning experiences come when our students are engaged in designing and creating things, which technology provides in a meaningful way. Technology enables teachers to expand their lessons creatively to increase effective learning. As digital fluency will be a prerequisite for obtaining jobs and striving in society, teachers need to be at the forefront in educating students in technology as well as content.

I totally agree with ‘Will Richardson’: Teach. Facebook. Now. We know most of our students are on FB & we know it has great features but we also know how dangerous it can be. I believe we have a huge responsibility to educate how to use this social medium effectively as the consequences can be horrendous. In our school we have a Year 7 “Wellbeing Day”, for girls & boys separately. Here, age relevant topics are covered, FB being one but not intensively covered. Then again in year 10 we have police come out to the school & speak about laws on texting & passing images on etc. It’s a start but I feel we need a heap more.

I love the lesson plan of Jenny Luca: Managing your digital footprint with Year 8 . Very effective & very powerful! As said, “We need to identify the good and the bad aspects, and provide guidance about what is appropriate.


How technology can be used to support your chosen 5 characteristics of an effective learner

Organized– Most, if not all, effective learners are organized. Technology gives them different ways to organize their private and work information. The use of Evernote, Diigolet, Bookmarks , clouds and many other available apps, gives the individual many ways to keep everything in order. The use of having all devices linked is efficient & effective.

Inquisitive- Technology gives a whole new world to a student who is inquisitive. Looking up one thing/topic on the Web you have continuous links to other information. Those that are effective searchers can find a wealth of knowledge on line.

Motivated Technology has opened a whole new & exciting way of teaching. Interactive sites & u-tube vision on topics, has taken our dull & boring approaches to learning to exciting & engaging for both teachers & the students.

Creative –Technology has given the opportunity for students to present their work in many creative ways. The programs on offer stimulate students’ imaginations in a way that encourages them to work. Effective learners can take their presentations to a whole new level.

Resourceful- Effective learners are able to search the Web efficiently to gain the appropriate information without being distracted by non- related information. They use smart searching also using  many different types of recourses the web offers, not just ‘google’.

images copy

My predictions about how technology will change the way we learn in the future.

Gosh what on earth will we be using in the future! With the rate technology devices are being superseded things will develop quickly. I have heard that in the US they have mobile phones that are wristbands! No more looking for your phone in your bag! Hands free! Maybe we will just talk to our machines instead of typing? What ever it is it will be faster & more efficient. I can’t wait!



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